About International Molasses

Exceptional Products From People Who Care

International Molasses Corporation, LTD is a sister company to Malt Products Corporation. We have been in business over fifty years serving customers world-wide.

Customer satisfaction is our specialty. We take pride in our products, our rapid response to customer inquiries and our ability to meet our customer's needs. Thanks to customer loyalty we continue to be dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of high quality malts, molasses and other natural sweeteners.

Custom Products and Services

Our experienced and knowledgeable technical staff can help customers develop products that will meet their needs. Our team is able to solve even the most difficult formulation, new application, developmental or distribution problems.


Molasses Services International Molasses employees work hand in hand with customers to achieve their goals. Highly skilled food technologists strive to help customers select the best grade of liquid or dry molasses for various products. Our responsive employees help choose from an almost infinite selection of light or dark, and mild or hearty types of liquid or dry molasses. Also, our researchers work closely with other researchers to enhance products by use of high quality molasses.

Specially trained service representatives have the experience and support of highly technical laboratory instruments essential for new product development. These representatives can help customers find the specific type of molasses that provides the required characteristics. We invite use of International Molasses as an information source to achieve the best effect from various types of molasses. The many experts in all departments of our plants are able to solve even the most difficult formulation, new application, developmental or distribution problems.

Distribution and Manufacturing

Molasses Distribution Uniformly processed molasses is distributed from numerous stocking locations in the U.S., Canada and Europe. From all of International Molasses’ many locations to any customer processing sites, customers can rely on molasses that have the same characteristics, shipment after shipment to all locations. And now that customers can order all our products from the same company, accountability is narrowed to fewer people. Thus, customers spend their time more efficiently.

By working with these two companies, advantage can be achieved through single source purchasing, efficient deliveries, labor and storage space cost savings, resulting in less paperwork and fresher inventory.

Quality Control

Quality Molasses International Molasses and Malt Products assumes full responsibility for product quality from manufacturing through distribution. The quality of our products has always been of primary concern. In keeping with that tradition, International Molasses and Malt Products now use more statistical process control (SPC) than ever before to guarantee that our customers receive the highest quality products. The modern concept of SPC involves using measured data to ensure that a process is progressing within predetermined limits. Typically, a manufacturer tracks the process to determine if the process is in control. If the process is in control, the product will meet the established quality and cost efficiency goals.

To meet our customers goals, we use one of the industry’s most stringent and comprehensive quality control programs. This includes the internal and external use of Total Quality Management Programs, Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) systems, and The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) program. Every employee at International Molasses and Malt Products contributes to providing customers with high quality malt and molasses. The employees involved with manufacturing and distribution have received training in the appropriate programs to ensure products and procedures meet our high standards.